Sit-down Games for Baby Showers

Who Pooped?
Fold tiny diapers out of napkins or cloth squares. Make one diaper for each guest, perhaps adding the guest’s name and small safety pin so the diaper can be worn as a name tag. “Soil” one diaper with a bit of chocolate, yellow marker, etc. Sometime during the course of the party, ask the guests to open their diapers. Whoever has the poopy diaper wins. (Variation: Make all diapers but one poopy; the clean one wins.)

A to Z Name Game
Have guests sit in a circle or other sequential arrangement. The first guest must quickly think of a baby name beginning with the letter “A.” The second guest must offer up a “B” name, the next “C,” and so on. When you’ve gone through all the guests, start back at the first guest. Obviously, some letters are harder than others.

Mom Memory Tester
At some point during the shower, ask the mom-to-be to leave the room. Then, ask guests a series of questions that will reveal an eye to detail: What color was her dress, what type of shoes was she wearing, did she have earrings on, etc.

Ice, Ice Baby
Before the shower, freeze (clean) tiny baby dolls into ice cubes using a tray. Give each guest a cube (in a dish or glass) at the same time. Continue on with the shower. The guest whose baby is “born” by melting free first wins.

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