Baby Shower Matching Games

Baby Animal Matchup
From cubs to chicks, nothing’s cuter than baby animals (except human babies, of course). In honor of the new baby, guests draw lines matching the mommy animal to the name of its baby. has the free printable baby animal matching game in PDF format (just click the highlighted text), and you’ll need to print out a free copy of the baby animal match answer key for yourself as well.

baby animal matching game

Match the Animals to Their Groups
It’s a “herd” of rhinos, right? Wrong! And what’s this business about a “business of ferrets?” This game is a little tougher, as guests try to match up animals with what they’re called when in a group. Trust us, it’s a “pack” of fun. Click the highlighted text for our free printable animal groups matching game. And of course you’ll need the free animal groups game key as well.

Toy Timeline
This game will definitely bring back memories. Whether your guests are from the Etch-a-Sketch era or the Cabbage Patch Kid era, they’ll find this matching game fun but challenging. Draw lines between the toys and the dates they first came out, and the most correct answers wins. has a free printable toy timeline game, and it’s tough so you’d better download the free PDF of the toy timeline game answer key as well.

baby shower game toy timeline

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