Action Games for Baby Showers

On Pins and Needles
This game is harder than it sounds. You’ll need a bowl of uncooked rice, small safety pins (they’re usually gold in color) and blindfolds for each guest. Mix about a dozen safety pins into each bowl of rice. Blindfold the guests and set a timer for one or two minutes. Whoever digs out the most safety pins in the allotted time wins.

Pass the Paci
This game may not be the most sanitary, but it sure is fun! Purchase a pacifier with a ring/handle on one end. Line your guests up in a row and have them place their hands behind their back. The challenge is to pass the pacifier from guest to guest without letting it drop to the floor.

Pass the Bottle
Same idea as above, but less cooties. Have guests pass a baby bottle between them, using only their knees/legs.

Tape the Diaper on the Baby
For this variation on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey, you need a poster-sized picture or drawing of a baby, and several copies of paper diapers, pacifiers or bottles. Blindfold one guest at a time and hand her a diaper (or pacifier, etc.) with some rolled-up tape on the back of it, spin her around a few times and direct her toward the poster. The contestant who tapes their piece closest to the target (bottom; mouth) wins.

Match the Socks
Purchase 10 to 20 pairs of baby socks, which will of course be given to the mom-to-be after the shower. Unwrap and separate the socks, mixing up all the pairs. Then set a timer and see which guest matches the most socks in the least amount of time.

Bursting with Balloons
Blow up a bunch of balloons (not too huge or the game will be over too quickly!). Have guests compete to see how many they can stuff inside their shirt without popping any.

Dolled Up
Provide guests with doll and doll clothes. See who can dress the doll the fastest, with the fewest “mistakes.”

Musical Chairs, Baby Style
Have a rousing game of musical chairs (having one chair fewer than there are guests with each round). But you must play baby music!

Fast Diaper Job
See who can diaper a baby (doll) the fastest. To make it even trickier, blindfold them.

“Making” a Baby
There are at least two variations to this game: Have guests try to carve a baby shape out of a bar of soap in a limited amount of time. Or, if you’re worried about mess and safety, give each guests a half-sheet of white paper and give them just 30 seconds or so to tear the best baby shape they can. Or use play dough. You could even ask guests to draw a baby, and give prizes to the guest who produces the best (or most amusing) drawing.

Water Broke
This game is one for an outdoor shower and fun-loving guests. Have guests walk with a water balloon between their knees. Consider anyone who drops their balloon as having broken their water; they’re out of the game!

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