Co-ed Baby Shower Games

Bottled Up
What could be funnier than a bunch of guys gulping down baby bottles? The only thing that can ensure you get to see this amusing sight is to fill those bottles with beer! Fill a baby bottle with beer for each guest (except those who are pregnant, obviously). On “go,” the guests compete to see who can suck down their beer the fastest. (Variation: Use juice or milk instead of beer.)

Bowling for Bottles
The guys will love to show off with this one. But will they win? Pick an open area, such as a hallway or outdoors. Set up 10 baby bottles (weighted with water, if you’d like) arranged like bowling pins in a triangle shape. Guests take turns seeing how many bottles they can knock down in two rolls of a small ball (tennis balls work great).

Feed Me
If you have a lot of couples at your shower, and they have good senses of humor, try this fun but messy game. Blindfold one member of each couple and hand him or her a jar of baby food and a baby-sized spoon. Set a timer. The couple to get their “baby” fed the fastest wins.

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