Baby Shower Guessing Games

What’s That Baby Food?
Babies eat it. Why shouldn’t your shower guests? OK, this game may gross out some people. Buy several different varieties of baby food, including meat, vegetable and fruit flavors. Mark the bottom of each jar with a number and make a list of what each one is. Then take the labels off the jars so your guests have no clue! Pass around some spoons (use plastic for sanitary reasons) and give each guest a free printable baby food guess answer sheet. (Click highlighted text for PDF download.) For added fun, ask guests to wear bibs!

baby food guessing game

Candy Bar Gross-Out
Candy bars look pretty yummy, unless they’re partially melted into a disposable diaper. Buy a variety of candy bars, being sure to include brands that will look the most like poop when melted. Baby Ruth, Snickers, Mounds and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups make especially nice poops. Melt each candy bar briefly in microwave and transfer to diaper. Guests may smell and poke at the candy, but cannot taste it. Set a time limit, give each guest a numbered sheet of paper to write down their guesses and pass the “dirty” diapers around the room. Prize (a candy prize is a good idea) goes to the guest who guesses the most candy bars correctly.
Here’s a free printable candy bar poop game sheet for guests to write their guesses on. It’s a PDF; you’ll need Adobe Reader and just print!

Baby Item Price is Right
Your guests may think they know how much baby products cost today, but do they really? Assemble a dozen or so baby products such as baby lotion, nail clippers, a jar of baby food, etc. It might help if you tell your guests where you bought the items (save the receipt to check the prices!). Set a time limit and give your guests one of’s free printable baby item guessing game sheets. Most close guesses wins. Once the game is over, present the products to the expectant mom!

baby item guessing game
Measuring Mom
This game requires a good-natured mom-to-be, a cloth measuring tape, scissors and a lot of yarn! Pass around a ball of yarn. Have each guest cut off a length of yarn equal to what they think is the distance around Mom’s belly. No fair going up to the pregnant woman and hugging her, etc. Then, use the tape to measure the belly. The guest whose yarn is closest wins!

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